Degree Programme in Mechanical Engineering and Production Technology 2019 onwards
Mechanical Engineering and Production Technology graduates have a wide range of career choices around the world. A mechanical engineer may work as product development engineer, design engineer, production engineer, production development engineer, technical sales engineer or project engineer, just to mention few possibilities. A typical employer is a design engineering office, small- or medium-size workshop or a large global company. A common career path may lead to expert tasks, managerial duties or entrepreneurship.

Competence and study paths

Studies in universities of applied sciences provide the following generic competences:

• Skills for lifelong learning.
• Ethical competence.
• Working community competence.
• Innovation competence.

In addition, engineering programmes provide competences like:
•Mathematics, natural science and technology competence.
•Research and development competence.
•Analytical competence and reporting ability.
•Project management competence.
•Competence to apply theoretical knowledge in practice.

Students of the Mechanical Engineering and Production Technology degree programme, who graduate with a Bachelor of Engineering degree, have a broad knowledge base in mathematics and natural sciences. The language of tuition in this programme is English and a truly international academic environment ensures high-level language and multicultural skills for graduates. They also have basic practical and professional Finnish language skills, so that they are able to integrate into Finnish working life. Bachelors of engineering graduates have the necessary design, production and automation skills required in mechanical engineering. In addition, they are well-versed in materials technology, which is necessary in the selection of raw materials. They also have deep and up-to-date knowledge about either design of mechanical systems or production systems. In each of these areas, mechanical engineers are able to utilize the relevant computer-based tools. Graduates also master all general working life needs, like economic thinking, ability to work in teams and communication skills.

The Mechanical Engineering and Production Technology degree programme allows students to focus on production systems and design of mechanical systems. Study path includes eight common and three separate compulsory core competence modules. In addition to these, the students need to choose two profiling modules (30 cr) from the offerings from other degree programmes in HAMK, other universities in Finland or international partner universities. The total credits for all modules and thesis are 15 credits (ECTS), and for work placement is 30 credits. 240 credits are needed in total to graduate.

Degree Programme in Mechanical Engineering and Production Technology 2019 onwards240--------
Core competence150--------
Orientation to engineering studies15X-------
Design of a beam structure15-X------
Parts design and manufacturing15--X-----
Machine Elements15--X-----
Sheet metal structures15---X----
Product development15---X----
Work Placement30-XXXXXX-
Profiling competence75--------
Design of industrial appliances15----X---
Structural analysis15-----X--
Manufacturing automation in the workshop15----X---
Advanced mathematics15--------
Professional Skills0--------
Final Thesis15--------
Final Thesis15--------
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