Degree Programme in Electrical and Automation Engineering
Bachelors of engineering specialising in electrical and automation engineering have the competence required for designing electrification and automation for buildings and industrial production equipment. They are able to make use of their education in applying electrical and automation engineering to different application areas, such as lighting, traffic and lift control as well as robotics.

The degree programme in electrical and automation engineering is focused on electrical engineering, the automation of production machines and equipment, production facility maintenance, distributed energy production applications and smart controls. The degree programme makes use of the possibilities of new technology in a practical learning process that contains plenty of doing things by oneself. The powerful and inexpensive equipment of the new information technology offers many interesting opportunities in the field of electrical and automation technology.

Electrical and automation engineers typically work in high technology companies as planners and specialists, and with enough experience, in supervisory roles as well. Their work is most often done in multidisciplinary teams of specialists in an international environment.

After graduating from the degree programme in electrical and automation engineering the graduate has the opportunity to independently apply for an electrical work supervisor qualification in accordance with the Electrical Safety Act, because the amount of electrical engineering studies are s at least 45 cr.

The content definition of the electrical engineering module complies with the following Finland's national regulations on qualification requirements:

KTMp 516:

Sections 12-14 Requirements for Qualification

The electrical engineering modules must comply with the following Finland's national regulations on education requirements:



Bachelors of engineering in electrical and automation engineering typically work in planning and specialist tasks. These tasks are available in, for example, production facilities, planning and consultancy firms as well as equipment and software sales companies.

Planning tasks often consist of projects that focus on, for example, planning and implementing the electrification and automatic control of production equipment and processes. Electrifying residential and production buildings as well as building automation are also typical tasks in the work of a Planning Engineer, as well as tasks relating to work machines, traffic guidance systems and the electricity supply.

Sales and marketing tasks often include mapping the customer’s needs, guiding them in questions that relate to electrical and automation engineering, and the sales and marketing of suitable systems. Their work is often project sales that can include multiple, international companies operating in various fields. Training customers to use their new product can also be included in their tasks.

Maintenance tasks include tasks that relate to the electrical and automation engineering of production equipment and processes. They ensure a factory’s or production equipment's uninterrupted operation for a predetermined period. Tasks include, for example, mapping the failure rate of a piece of production equipment as well as the definition of tasks during planned maintenance outages.

Success in these tasks requires, in addition to technical competence, an active attitude, team-work skills, travel readiness, multicultural competence, customer-first way of thinking and public speaking skills. Language and communication skills are an essential part in the expertise of a technology professional. Working life related language and communication studies are integrated into field-relates subjects.

Degree Programme in Electrical and Automation Engineering240--------
Core Competence165--------
Introduction to Automation Engineering15X-------
Practical Automation Applications15X-------
Applied Metrology15-X------
Design and Development Methods15-X------
Programming Applications 115--X-----
Introduction to Power Engineering15--X-----
Electrical Design and Electrical Installations of Buildings15---X----
Programming Applications 215---X----
Distributed Small Scale Energy Solutions15----X---
Work Placement 115-------X
Work Placement 215-------X
Profiling Competence60--------
Smart Solutions in Building Automation15----X---
Automation and Electrical Design in Industry15-----X--
Modern Technology Applications15-----X--
Finnish Language15XXX-----
Final Thesis15------X-
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