Degree Programme in Computer Applications
Study contents

The core competence studies in Computer applications cover a wide range of topics in programming. You will learn programming languages and techniques most commonly used today. Studies include also e.g. user interface design, operating systems, web development, databases, cloud operations, software robotics, business and innovation, probability and statistics.

After this, you will select studies according to your own interests and focus e.g. on augmented reality, artificial intelligence or big data. It will also be possible to select profiling studies from other degree programmes. 

Structure of studies

Computer Applications (BBA) consists of 3,5 years of studies, which combine lectures and real work life connections, meaning that every student will spend a large part of their studies in an actual workplace learning by doing. 
Software development is teamwork, therefore students will have projects where they will collaborate with other students, research unit or partner companies. Understanding clients and user needs is essential. In order to best support businesses we study making applications and systems easily accessible for the users. This requires a great deal of planning, patience, client understanding, project management and various other IT skills. Students will develop these competences during studies.
During your internship, you will work in a real job. You will also observe how the company, the employees and the customers interact. Many of our alumni IT students have been employed by their internship company.

The Bachelor’s theses are done in supervised groups enabling the students to graduate in time. Both students and supervisors have given positive feedback on this system.

Career opportunities

As you graduate from the Degree Programme in Computer Applications, you have studied many topics widely requested in IT industry. Your title could be for example: 
•    Software Developer/Engineer
•    Application Designer/Developer
•    Digital Business Analyst
•    Systems Developer
•    Programmer
•    Web Developer
•    Application Developer 
•    Game Programmer
•    User Interface Designer
•    Project Manager
•    IT Specialist
•    Entrepreneur
•    AR/VR Developer
•    Data Analyst
•    AI Programmer


You can improve your language skills and open your horizons through student exchange or an internship abroad. HAMK has partner universities in various countries. Studies and internship abroad are credited as part of the degree.

Co-operation with other parties

By completing the Computer Applications degree programme, you become a professional programmer fit to work in the modern business world and ready for the modern ICT challenges. During your studies you will work in connection to companies or HAMK research unit, and by the time of graduation you have practical skills to apply to many different programming jobs all over the world.

Degree Programme in Computer ApplicationsDegree Programme in Computer Applications210-------
Core CompetenceCore Competence150-------
Introduction to IT studies15X------
Introduction to Software Development15X------
Web Development15-X-----
Software development15-X-----
Mobile Programming15--X----
IT and Business15---X---
Entrepreneurship in IT15---X---
Work Placement30-----XX
ICT Project15-----X-
Profiling CompetenceProfiling Competence45-------
Business Analytics and Business Intelligence15--X----
Artificial Intelligence and Big Data15----X--
Introduction to Game Engine Development and AR/VR15----X--
Professional SkillsProfessional Skills15-------
Final ThesisFinal Thesis15-------
Final ThesisFinal Thesis15-------
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